Numerical reconstitution of the Épinal's Castle (like the 17th Century).
Project undergoing scientific validation.

Possible objectives and uses:

- Videos in CGI can be created and viewed on any media, whether for the web, a video presentation or content of a documentary intended for a television broadcast or other.

- The 3D model of the castle can be used for 3D printing of a model. With details, removable, colored, etc.

- The model and the environment can also be used for visualization with emerging digital technologies such as virtual real-time visitation, virtual reality or augmented reality.
Both on-site, on mobile devices (via an application), or online (real-time virtual tour).

- The castle's 3D model may also be used for commercial exploitation by a production company for use in films, documentary or video games.

Current data:

- 17th and 19th century illustrations book / intercommunal multimedia library of Épinal.
- General map and information on the works carried out and underway within the grounds of the Château d'Épinal park.
- Illustrations and photos of equivalent castles of the same period, existing or renovated.
- shots of the Épinal's castle model in the miniature park of Plombieres-Les-Bains.


Motion Tracking :

Motion Tracking of the 3D model realized with a video taken on site with a drone.
Aerial shot by Philippe Garon - VUDUO

Modeling :

Photo-realistic rendering trials :