"Le berceau de l'immortalité" is an animation short film project of dramatic and fantastic with humorous touch story, produced by participative financing with aCommunity of co-producers of which you can be part here.

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Émilie is the daughter of a widowed scientist, Joanne, who worked at SiaCorp, the global bio-digital company. During scientific experiments aimed at developing the transformation of a human cell into a digital flow, Joanne disappears, leaving Emilie alone at 5 years.

Persuaded to have been abandoned by her mother, Emilie desperately seeks to find her when she falls on a young woman, Sarah. During this encounter, an inexplicable phenomenon occurs, a sort of electromagnetic shock. This phenomenon attracts the lust of a corrupt SiaCorp scientist, who does everything in his power to capture them.

Emilie and Sarah begin to glimpse the fate and the bond that united them forever, and will understand that they are in reality, the key to immortality ...
"Le berceau de l'immortalité"

A movie from Romain Toumi

Production : C3N Studio

Executive Producer : Romain Toumi

Associate Producer : Jordan Tetevuide

Director : Romain Toumi

Type : Animation, Science fiction, Drama

With: Casting not done

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Characters :

Émilie :
Sarah :
Miriam :
John :
Robot :



Aunt of


Robot servant

The idea :

The scenario starts with a crazy idea noted one day on a corner of leaf:
<< If a person discovers the possibility that the link between the organic and the digital sphere exists and manages to bind these two different worlds, it would in some way pass on the other side and would therefore become numerical and not physical, in a sense , Immortal. But obviously, like any unusual and exploitable invention, it would be something coveted, so this person has to protect his work, but how can it do if it is no longer physically? >>

This far-fetched and crazy idea did not come by itself, we have always been fascinated by the world of digital, computing, music, 3D, etc. Today, technical and material means have Much evolved, and fortunately, we too!

Human and technical resources :

The screenplay written by Romain Toumi with the help of Jordan Tetevuide and Christina Ducatel

Modeling, rigging, animation and compositing will be done with Blender :

The rendering will be calculated with RenderMan and Cycles

All of musical structure, sound Design, voices recording, will be realized by ToumiX :

Calendar :

From May 2017 to December 2017 :
- Screenplay finalization
- Setting up dithering & scheduling camera, scene, plans, layout
- Character design
- Story board
- Modeling
- Rigging, texturing, shading
- Financing by TousCoProd

From December 2017 to May 2018 :
- Animation by following the Story board
- Preparing Layers for 3D Scenes
- Casting actors for voices
- Music production ( Original Sound Track, Sound Design, etc... )
- Pre-Sync Music and Voice
- Preparing 3D scenes for rendering
- Preparation of Compositing

From May 2018 to October 2018 : (Estimated with the minimum budget)
- Rendering (minimum 30 sec/day = about 6 months)
(Even if a part can be done before for the simple scenes)

From October 2018 to March 2019 :
- Post Production, Compositing, final cut
- Adding credits, introductions, title, etc...
- Post-Synchronization Music and Voice
- Post-Synchronisation Sound Design
- Creating trailers
- Merchandising, Promotion ( depending budget )
- Export to international ( depending budget )


Two important things :

Time :
Time is something that makes the big difference between an animated film from a large studio produced on private funding and our film. Estimated production time of film (Excluding distribution) is about 2 to 3 years. So patience, we will get there thanks to you !

money :
Yes ! Money, if we want to achieve the final image rendering, and if we want beautiful voices to double the characters!

To give you an idea about the rendering, some mathematics :
- There will be 24 frames per second in this movie. (Standard format).
- For rendering 1 image with 4 calculation nodes, it takes about 2 hours.
- For 24 frames this makes 48 hours either 2 days for 1 calculated second.
- If the film is about 90 min (Feature film format) Or 5400 seconds.
- We should therefore : HOP MATHEMATICS :
2days x 5400 = 10800 Days, more than 29 years !!!!!

Yes it is quite absurd like that but as much to say that without you, the project will never succeed !!
You will understand that the money will mainly be used either to subcontract the calculation of images in rendering farms provided for this purpose or to purchase equipment capable of going out MINIMUM 30 seconds a day for rendering hard About 6 months by turning 24/7, or a quarter of the production time of the film.

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